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Jar Belona   🏆

Champion bloodline

Father :

Kronos von Nürburgring 

VA Champion in World Championship of the German shepherd dogs in Germany in  2014!


Centa Belona

4th place in the Austrian Main Championship (Sieger) in 2012. 

Anatomy Of Jar

Large, strong, rich, stretched, dry and firm, heavily pigmented. Striking head, high withers, good back line. Very good hindquarters angulation with strong clubs, well angled in the forehand, well developed chest areas, wide front position, spacious gaits.


Expressive movement with straight front and strong musculature.



Highly trained , kkl and IPO1 passed!

He has a stable and protective instinct. An incredibly loyal and devoted hard-working stud male.

Jar on the treadmill 

Stay strong!

Stay healthy!

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