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From 1989 



Our experience with German shepherd dogs started in 1983 when the first female came into our hands by chance. By getting to know this highly intelligent and naturally both strong and elegant dog breed our interest and love for German shepherd dog only grew. In 1989 we registered our kennel at FCI under the name „Belona“. We named our kennel after the ancient Roman godess of battle,victory and truth which we found to be a fitting representation for our past and future endeavors.

With the establishment of Kennel Belona began our life-long friendship with the most popular dog breed in the world. We are continuously active in breeding, training and competing in both national and international dog shows. What we find valuable is that our kennel is a family hobby in which all the members participate and contribute. Our children grew up surrounded by genration after generation of German shepherds in our kennel. Up to this day, they are still glad to join the trainings and assist us during the competitions. Our home is in Croatia in the Vinodol Valley which offers an  ideal natural environment for this sort of hobby with its temperate climate and spacious green areas.


For over 30 years now we base our breeding practices on a careful selection of mating combinations.We believe that breeding must not be simply a reproduction but should be based on responsible decisions in order to attain the desired results. Our goals are aligned with standards for the German shepherd breed. In our breeding practices, we simultaneously focus on the dog’s appearance and character-led by the ideals. Attention to detail and investment in the highest quality is part of our trademark. Therefore we mate our females with top-ranked dogs on the World’s Championship for German Shepherd dogs (SV Bundessiegerzuchtshow) held in Germany every year. With many years of uncompromising selection behind us, the progeny of high-quality German shepherds are now part of our kennel’s bloodline and a foundation for present and future success. Selective breeding is followed by attentive care and efforts on a daily basis. We keep a close track with our dogs’ physical and social needs. In order to obtain that we have created conditions that support our grooming, training and socializing activities. Our dogs’ health and development are closely tracked and maintained with regular activities, supplements, and hygiene. Over the years we have gained knowledge and experience that help us and our clients reach the goals and efficiently overcome the obstacles. We have obtained over 120 trophies and awards on German shepherd dog shows!


All the dogs in our kennel are registered in a Pedigree database and are tested in the regular  procedures for German Shepherds set on the World’s level. The tests include examinations focused both on dog’s health conditionand it’s character.In the past German Shepherds were primarely used as working herding dogs meant to guard and protect.Nowadays, even if their primary function is party lost, German Shepherds remain successfulas military dogs, rescue dogs and personal guards as well as guides for the visually impaired. German Shepherds are loyal and protective by nature which makes them ideal for families where they treat each family memeber with care regardless of their age.In order to make dog’s integration into family, or human society in general, smoother a certain type of training will be beneficial or neccessary. There are several kinds of trainings with different aims. German Shepherds are known for their abbility to learn easily and with joy. With different programmes and approaches they can be successfuly trained to be: family dogs, show competition dogs, sport competition dogs, guard dogs, working dogs…

We have over 20 years of experience in dog training as we prepare our or our client’s dogs to join faimilies and/or participate in competitions. The dogs are trained to both show their beauty and character through their performance in dogs shows.

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